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Nov 13, 2022

Photo by <a href="">Thomas Jensen</a> / <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Thomas Jensen / Unsplash

Update 15.11.2022: As of 14.11.22, ListenCaddy and CaddyBanIP's source code has been transferred to Odyssey346 by request. These are no longer Drivet's projects.

No blog posts for a while once again, not a strength at Drivet. Anyway Slayer talking here. As you probably can see, we have started hosting some services (anything you would call it, "privacy services" or "open source services") and it's going pretty well.

We use Docker to deploy all services, which makes deploying new services very easily, and i mean VERY easily. In total we have 4 servers which are being used on these services. Some services such as Libreddit, Nitter and SearXNG runs on Docker Swarm across 3 servers.

I deploy all services from my Raspberry Pi using Portainer to these servers which are running at Oracle Cloud Free tier. We know that's definitely not a good idea, but we run only those 3 services on Oracle Cloud only because it does not store any critical data, rather it only stores some cache data, which is not important at all.

All other services are hosted on our primary server ("main server", "France server"), and all data stored on that server, for example in Invidious, Vaultwarden, are all backed up to an external storage space incase something happens to that server since our primary server is the most important one.

For our web server, we use Caddy on our primary server and our "main Oracle server" which is the web server & load balancer for those services noted above.

I'm no longer a developer, i no longer have interest in developing. This means that Drivet's Website wont receive any updates unless someone contributes to it, so this has a little impact on Drivet, but not much.

Talking about the future of Drivet, honestly i have no idea whats going to happen next. I have compeltely lost my motivation to keep Drivet up, and i don't mean that i'm not going to maintain the servers. I'm going to keep Drivet's servers up-to-date and fix any outages. But for now, Drivet will run on its own.

If there is any outages, i may or may not post stuff to Drivet's statuspage, depending how long the outage takes. Please note that I will be always aware of most outages since i use HetrixTools and PagerDuty to get all status updates to my phone, unless im asleep.

Anyway, another blog post comes in a year! (jk)

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