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Feb 12, 2022

Sexy image took by a professional photographer (aka Slayer)
Sexy image took by a professional photographer (aka Slayer)

Todays topic is Dangerous Discord and it's future.

Dangerous Discord is probably the most known website on Drivet Development, as Riverside Rocks' useful tool called DDUB was unfortunately shut down on February 1st of 2022.

Dangerous Discord gets alot of updates almost every week, but we are most active on weekends as we have much more time on weekends. Dangerous Discord is not open-source website, and never will be open sourced due to security

How we store all data

In the early days of Dangerous Discord we used MySQL to handle all data, and it was more than perfection. We had over 100 000 reports stored to the database, most of the reports were automated as we made a tool that takes every ID from Beemo Anti-Raid bot's logs everytime a server was raided.

It was fun until Beemo's developers removed the Logging feature, after that Dangerous Discord went quiet. We got like maybe 1-2 reports a week, until i decided to shut down Dangerous Discord indefinitely.

After we migrated our database from MySQL to PostgreSQL, we removed all automated reports. There was like ~14 reports after it, but i didn't took it personally. We saw a performance improvement on checking users, it fetches data pretty fast now.

Today, February 12th, we added another database called Redis, which we use to cache all usernames temporarily. All user data are stored for ~24 hours, so all data doesn't have to be fetched from Discord API, this will prevent rate-limiting issues.

What's the future of Dangerous Discord

We are actually planning on getting completely rid of the "discord.drivet.xyz" subdomain, and we are figuring out something cool which we are going to announce next week!

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