Statistics about June 21th Cloudflare outage

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Jun 22, 2022

Credit: Slayer
Credit: Slayer

Yesterday, almost a half of the internet went down due to a Cloudflare outage. These kind of large outages are very rare and does not happen often. Last time our services were affected by a CDN outage was due to an global outage at Fastly which also broke most of the internet. You can view our status update when that occured

Drivet also affected heavily by the Cloudflare outage since all our services are proxied by Cloudflare, including Drivet's website, Dangerous Discord, CDN, Blog and other some stuff such as DUP's outdated website.

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Discord's API and CDN was also affected by this outage as they use Cloudflare too. Dangerous Discord would still have been down if we wouldn't have used Cloudflare since our backend wouldn't still be able to make requests to Discord's API as it's proxied by Cloudflare.

We collected some data for Dangerous Discord from one of monitoring tools we use, New Relic, here is some stats below:

Response times during the outage (Mainly just errors after the load)
Duration by domain, blue line is Dangerous Discord and that yellow line is Discord's CDN
Lovely response codes. 500 (Internal Server Error) is the cyan line, and 522 (Connection timeout) is the orange line

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