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Apr 29, 2021

Welcome to read our very first Blog post! Today we will talk about how Drivet runs 24/7 and what we are planning to do in the future

Drivet's Future

In the future, we are attempting to create our Documentation page from our hands. Currently we are using Swagger UI as our documentation page.

We will be releasing our new website in the future, and alot of changes will come to Drivet's services within the new website overhaul. It will include a login page which you can use to generate authorization keys for the API. This means that the API can be used with an authorization key in the future (we may make changes to this decision).


Current State of DUP

DUP is a very small bot, it's in 9 servers, and it wont grow. Currently 4 servers has the notifier feature enabled, which means that it may ban people that have been abusive in the past.

The only reporting database where all the reports goes is Dangerous Discord User Database, which is still pretty new and it doesn't have alot of active users.

DUP was mainly created to help grow Dangerous Discord User Database, and the bot itself. The bot is still in a Alpha state, if i could say. It has a few commands only. We've been working on new features, but we have been lazy to maintain DUP.


How we keep Drivet running 24/7

We have total of 2 servers which we use to keep Drivet running continuously without any outages. The main server we use to keep everything up is my Raspberry, and the second server is used for our database.


Yep, that's it, a little machine used to run everything. For all the websites, we use Cloudflare Pages or Netlify. If you want get updates from all these interesting things such as servers etc. Go to our Dev Blog.

Thank you for reading our first blog post

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